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L A U (Alos 2019)

Alos Quartet –Xabier Zeberio, Lorena Núñez, Francisco Herrero and Iván Carmona-

have finished recording their new album, Lau (Alos Quartet 2019). The album contains

sixteen songs, some covers, the majority new, composed and arranged by Zeberio. All

of them have a rounded sound, their characteristic colour and a balanced dynamism.

This is a new step in the career of the Alos Quartet, a step that continues with the

quality shown to date and that puts them in a magnificent position as one of the best

ambassadors of our music when they celebrate 20 years as a quartet.


For the recording of Lau, the group has worked with Iñigo Egia on percussion, Ivan

Alzate on bass and Aitor Etxebarria (El_Txef_A) on programming. The one-off

participations of Oreka TX on the txalaparta (Basque percussion instrument), the

unmistakable voice of Izaro, the Argentinian pianist Juan Carlos Cambas, the mastery

of Enrique Solinís with old instruments and the double bass of Pablo Martín Caminero

also feature. The cover of the traditional song Oi Pello features the voice of Mikel

Laboa who gives us a Lekeitio.


As usual, the group has had the support of sound technician Jean Phocas for the

recording, and on this occasion Mikel F. Krutzaga mastered the work.


In 1999, almost by chance, a call from Niko Etxart brought together the paths of four

musicians to make a recording. In the pastoral landscape of Zuberoa, Alos Quartet

embarked on what would soon become an intense and rewarding career that over these

20 years has led them to navigate through countless projects and worlds in search of an

original and unique language. United by their broad vision of music, with no borders or

labels, the Alos Quartet has managed to create a sound universe that is difficult to

classify but at the same time very recognisable and unique.


R E P E R T O I R E / S T Y L E

The four members of Alos share a classical conservatory education and a love of

classical music, but they are no strangers to other sound worlds and enjoy other types

of aesthetics. Under the creative vision of Xabier Zeberio, and after years of hard work

and research, Alos Quartet has managed to define a rich, subtle, delicate and original

yet powerful sound.


The group is comfortable on stage, responds well to contact with the public and over

the years has built up a loyal following that supports them, values them and attends

their concerts. The secret? The expressiveness and inexhaustible range of nuances

provided by the string instruments. Another highlight is the good understanding they

achieved after only a short time, meaning that it is no longer the sound of four

instruments played at the same time but rather a single instrument. With all of this,

Alos Quartet manages to transport the audience attending their concerts to moments of

reflection with elements of extreme subtlety, intertwined with fragments of great

strength and energy. A natural and original coming together of different worlds and

registers, creating a recognisable, different and attractive sound.


With a repertoire that navigates between different areas within current music, all

starting from the classical quartet formation, they offer a new perspective, having

many performances and recordings in their rewarding and consistent career.



Alos soon caught the attention of leading figures who have worked with it, both live

and in recordings: Carlos Nuñez, Kepa Junkera and many others have followed that

first invitation from Niko Etxart.


Included among the most important collaborations are the tours together with

Portuguese vocalist Dulce Pontes (with whom they have performed on the most

important stages in Spain and Portugal such as the Conference Centre in Madrid, the

Barcelona Auditorium and the Colosseum Theatre in Portugal for more than five years),

as well as the multiple recordings on band pieces such as Los Piratas, Oskorri, Bide

Ertzean, Tejedor, Esne Beltza, El Hombre Burbuja and Ken Zazpi, and greats such as

Benito Lertxundi, Olatz Zugasti, Angel Unzu, Mikel Markez, Antton Valverde and

Joserra Senperena, among others. In 2019, they recorded a new version of the well-

known track “La Vida” with Silvio Rodríguez in the new work of Argentine pianist

Juan Carlos Cambas. In the field of dance, they have worked with Aukeran Dantza

Konpainia and Kukai, as well as with Amaia Elizarán, and Markeline in the theatre.

P E R F O R M A N C E S / T O U R S

Alos has participated in the most important programmes in both the Basque

Country and nationwide, not forgetting the memorable performances in Portugal.

It has also participated in various dance, theatre and cinema soundtrack recordings

from great composers such as Pascal Gaigne, Anjel Illarramendi and Bingen

Mendizabal. Its music, labelled “very audiovisual” from the very start, has

accompanied many programmes and documentaries on screen.





XABIER ZEBERIO: Nyckelharpa, Violin





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